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Why bother asking?

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Something that grinds my gears to no end is when people ask you for directions and then debate you on your directions. If you’re so smart why the fuck did you ask me? It happens to me almost every god damned day.

Yesterday I had a Russian gentleman ask me for a bookstore. When I told him where the nearest Barnes & Nobles was he then debated me saying that there was supposed to be one on the block he was standing on. Or rather he was told there should be one on the street we were on. Obviously there was not a bookstore in sight. He was really not happy with my answer and I can’t just pull a bookstore out of my ass for his convenience. Sorry asshole.

Or the Japanese woman that asked me where 7th Ave. was from the intersection we were at. I explained to her where we were, which directions went north, south, east & west. Simply because it would give her a better understand of NYC. She still insisted on walking south instead of west.

It just makes no sense to me to ask directions if you are hellbent on not listening. It’s like getting a GPS system and then insisting it is wrong. Which is two parts funny and eight parts aggravating. It seems to be a problem for people to admit they are lost. Granted it is kind of making your self vulnerable and you have to hope that the person giving you directions isn’t sending you to the South Bronx or another equally bad area at any time of day. But sometimes you have to put your pride up your ass and deal with the fact that you have no idea where you are and adjust accordingly.

From here on out I am just going to tell people to get lost when they ask for directions.

Hardcore is not as frightening as it used to be

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Back in the 80’s hardcore punk rock was pretty frightening. You didn’t have guys in suits or trash bags like the first wave of punk. You had these scary looking motherfuckers playing more aggressively and they were a whole lot angrier. Hardcore shows were out right scary to go to. You’d see these big tattooed skinheads who wanted nothing more than to kick the shit out of you and these dirty angry punk rockers that had jackets that looked like Ace Hardware had blown up next to them. The shows looked like bloodbaths and the only thing they were probably missing were machetes and cannibalism. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that someone did indeed pull a machete at a show. After seeing people dance in the pit with hammers and knives, I can safely assume that it has happened.

Here is a look at some early hardcore shows:


Clearly this was not for the weak.

And so you don’t think I was sexist or anything, here is proof that girls got down too


You could safely bet that everyone looked like this the next day after a show.

I can recall the sad look on my parents faces when they would think that I was in gangs or getting jumped after coming home from a show. And how much more sour the look was when I told them it was so much fun. It was a great time in my life. It was better than cutting yourself like a fat chick after eating tasty cakes in the privacy of her room and it made you different. Because that’s what it was, different. It was full of all the rejects and misfits that couldn’t cut it. People had these ideals, no matter how far out or extreme they were and they had belief. They believed they were a part of something that no one else knew about and yet everyone was welcome into their exclusive club.

Then all of a sudden things stopped developing. Things that used to scare the shit out of me were the norm. Next thing you know I am one of those scary tattooed skins. It kind of all plateaued in a weird way. No one really took it to that next level and hardcore isn’t as special to me as it used to be. Yeah I know there are some die hards in the scene. Even I come out for shows here and there. But the special feeling it gave us all, the fear, the sense of community mixed with rivalry and the integrity of it all is just missing to me now.

Then again after the peak in violence at shows from the 80’s to mid 90’s how could it grow. Do you realize the great lengths you’d have to go through to really make an impact.

Imagine if you had some Rev. Kane looking dude singing for the Cro-Mags?


Or if Slapshot was just the Tall Man from Phantasm and all he did was leer at you like this?

That’s some scary shit.

Everyone would start moshing it up with live snakes in the pit, speaking in tongues and flailing around


Now that would be hardcore and it would be taking it to the next level!

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