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Germ Free Adolescents

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Originally when I first came up with this internet scrap heap that I kindly refer to as “The Pig”, I had wanted to include articles on music.  I never got around to it.  Be it procrastination or life got in the way somehow.  It is never too late to start though.  Sadly, the first entry revolves around the death of Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex.  She died on the same day as her last record came out oddly enough.

X-Ray Spex may not have been my favorite band in the whole world, but a lot of my favorite memories are attached to them.  When I was a young turk, one of my best friends had drawn their logo on his flight jacket.  We were all young and angry with a massive campaign against the world.  Our jackets were like armor for us.  And there was Vic, with his X-Ray Spex jacket.  That was the flag he was flying some days and it ruled.  Those truly were the salad days.

Another time I was going to pick up an ex-girlfriend from work and had to walk by a parade.  I really could have given a shit what parade it was to be honest.  I did hear a float playing “Oh Bondage, Up Yours!” and got excited and started rocking out a little as I walked towards said parade.  It turns out it was the Gay Pride Parade and it was the Leather Daddy float.  I took a quick inventory of what I must have looked like and noted the smirks and peaked interests of  some of the Leathermen in  attendance.  I felt like a clown at that moment.  However; now when I look back, I think it was a pretty hilarious incident in my life.

Finally, another fond moment involving that record involved several friends and I tripping on mescaline.  We were high as hell and somebody was singing “I’m A Cliche” over and over again.  It may have been playing in the tape deck, I really can’t confirm that.  But I do recall said friend singing the part that goes “yama yama yama……” over and over again.  Since then, I have subsequently fallen prey to that part of the song as well and will have it stuck in my head for days. Regardless, so here you have a car of hoodlums on hallucinogens out for a night of vandalism.  Our car stopping every so often to smash out windows of convenience stores and suburban homes with Poly and The Spex as our siren luring us into further danger.  It was a beautiful night when I think about it.

So here I am some 20 years later sipping coffee and reflecting on how this one woman’s work had affected my life.  Would she have been happy to know of these deeds?  Maybe?  Perhaps not?  I’ll never know.  But I do know this, she would have probably been happy to know that her songs brought up some of the fonder memories of some stranger’s life.  Isn’t that what we all want?  To be a part of something greater; be it good or bad?

Rest In Peace
PhotobucketMarianne Joan Elliott-Said AKA Poly Styrene

July 3rd, 1957 – April 25th, 2011

Happy Easter, Asshole

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Easter approaches rapidly as I type this.  It is the day of Resurrection of the Christian savior Jesus Christ and marks the end of Lent.  In this period we are to observe Christ’s sacrifice.  He gave his life so that the many would prosper.  He was made martyr in order to atone for man’s sin and salvation.  Families are supposed to gather and take time to show their love for each other and think of how to be better.

Sounds lovely, but that isn’t what happens.

What usually happens is that more than half of the world will congregate at some family member’s house and gorge themselves on chocolate and ham.  Bitterness and insults will slyly pass through the air as the wine flows.  Eggs will be deviled or painted for later consumption.  A sports game of some sort will be watched, provided your food coma and alcohol level allow it.

Then there are the folks who do go to church.  I’d like to say that maybe 10%  of these good folk will actually go in faith, and fill their hearts with God’s love and grace.  May the choir’s song ring bliss into their ears.  However, the rest of them use church as a warm up to show off attire such as the infamous Easter Hat.  Gossip and nods of approval to whatever the pastor says and all of it hollow and petty.  If I were to die for mankind I’d be awfully pissed at what is going on.  And if my old man was the big guy upstairs…..?  You bet I would whine and beg for everything below to perish immediately in the most unpleasant way possible.

But let us forget about all of that.

Today as I type this it is the day before Easter.  This day should be a holiday.  It is the day man went without a savior.  We had no God or savior to speak of and we lived.  We carried on and we were no better or worse than the days that came before and after.  To me this is like figuring out where the magician’s string is.  Or perhaps, today is like the day I finished The New York Time’s Sunday crossword puzzle on the day it came out without any help.

Today was the day man should have realized they were living.  That on this day they were the ones in charge of their destiny and that man was self empowered.  But we don’t do that at all.  We spend the day before Easter preparing our clothes for church.  We mentally prepare ourselves to do the things we’d rather not do on the forthcoming day.  We slave away in kitchens to feed our gluttonous families.  But, man never praises itself.

Happy Easter, Assholes.


Peter…. I can see your house from here

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