A Question On Being Selfish?

While I have been called selfish by many, I find it hilarious as I am really not. I just want what I’ve worked for. Not a cent more, but not a cent less. I usually give what I can when I can. But if I can’t, I don’t. That’s being honesty if anything. Is it better then to lie?

I usually try to think of the other person and even if my tokens of gratitude go unseen, it doesn’t mean they were not there. It’s not on me to pull that card, you either noticed it or you didn’t. Validation of ones self should come from within. However, I see nothing wrong with catering to one’s needs as long as the effects or measures taken are benign to those around you. If you NEED it, then it really must be had sooner rather than later. If you WANT something, it can wait as well, just for longer. With that in mind, you sometimes find you really didn’t want that thing you desired as much. Some always need more than others and it’s never wrong to want. For me, over the years, I have learned to live with less and less and my wants and needs are usually bound up tight into a bundle. An example would be that one will always need shelter but may never have their dream house. I will always require certain things like space or privacy so whatever shelter I find has to have that; be it 4 walls and a door or a small farm with distant neighbors. As long as my needs are met, my wants follow. Conversely, if I have no need for it, I don’t want it. So is it selfishness or simplicity? Either way, survival tends to be a selfish beast. 

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